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Major Current Infrastructure Improvement Projects

San Juan Water District is working on several infrastructure improvement projects to meet state and federal regulations, add system resiliency, and improve service.  These projects include a variety of repairs and new construction projects which are described in our Capital Improvement Plan. These projects are typically funded by water rates paid by customers throughout our Wholesale and Retail service areas, property taxes and state and federal grants.

SJWD personnel are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost and maintain quality service, including with our CIP program.

Hinkle Reservoir Replacement Project (Wholesale) 
Before water is delivered to your home, it passes through the 62 million-gallon Hinkle Reservoir. This facility is the main storage for all the Wholesale Agencies, which include Citrus Heights Water District, Fair Oaks Water District, Orange Vale Water Company, a section of the City of Folsom north of the American River, and San Juan’s own Retail Service Area. To meet new environmental regulations and protect water supplies from contamination, San Juan installed the current Hypalon geomembrane liner and floating cover in 1980. This system was originally guaranteed for a period of 25 years. San Juan has worked hard since 1980 to maintain the cover and liner, testing it regularly to ensure its integrity. The liner and cover are now more than 40 years old and San Juan needs to replace them this winter.

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Eureka Road Pipeline Replacement Project (Retail)
This project will replace approximately 3,925 linear feet of aged, 16-in steel transmission pipeline in Eureka Road from Barton Road to Providence Lane.  This existing pipeline will be replaced with a new 18-in diameter ductile iron pipeline that will improve system redundancy and reliability.  Work also includes the installation of new in-line valves, fire hydrants, air release valves, services, and other ancillaries.

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Service Line Replacement Projects (Retail)
Yearly program to replace 85 services per year as identified in the District’s 2020 Retail Master Plan.  Each year the District’s Engineering and Field Services Departments will identify which services will be scheduled for replacement based on age, condition, and number of leaks or breaks in the area.  Fiscal Year 2022-23 will be the first year of the program, and the services located in the Hidden Oaks subdivision (also referred to as Shelborne) have been chosen for replacement.

Air Release Valve Replacements (Retail)
This project will replace 45 air release valves per year, over a 20 year period, starting in Fiscal Year 2022-23.  The District will prioritize the replacement of the air release valves that are currently deficient.  The new air release valves will be routed to the edge of the street, and will be upgraded to meet current District Standards.

Douglas Booster Pump Station Electrical Improvements (Retail)
The Douglas Booster Pump Station provides back-up water supply to the Upper and Lower Granite Bay pressure zones.  This pump station is expected to also play an important operational role when the Hinkle Reservoir is re-lined and re-covered.  This project will upgrade the aged electrical and mechanical systems for the Douglas Booster Pump Station to bring it up to current code and add safety improvements.