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Major Current Infrastructure Improvement Projects

San Juan Water District is working on several infrastructure improvement projects to meet state and federal regulations, add system resiliency, and improve service.  These projects include a variety of repairs and new construction projects which are described in our Capital Improvement Plan. These projects are typically funded by water rates paid by customers throughout our Wholesale and Retail service areas, property taxes and state and federal grants.

SJWD personnel are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost and maintain quality service, including with our CIP program.


2023/2024 Air Release Valve Replacement Project

The project includes replacing 45 air release valves (ARV) that are deficient (i.e. broken, not found, cannot be repaired) and/or where the vent opening is located below ground surface and to bring the vent above ground in order to be in compliance with California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Section §64576 Air-Release, Air Vacuum, and Combination Valves.  In locations where existing ARVs are located below ground in the street, the ARV’s will be relocated to the side of the street behind the sidewalk or curb in accordance with the District’s Standards. ARVs will be located within the existing public rights-of-way and easements. The project area boundary for the project is shown in figure below.

May contain: chart, plot, white board, diagram, and plan
Project Area Boundary for 2023/2024 Air Release Valve Replacement Project


2022/2023 Water Services Replacement Project, Hidden Oaks Subdivision

This project includes replacing 95 aging and/or leaking water services located within the Hidden Oaks Subdivision (also referred to as Shelborne) area of Granite Bay. Additionally, the project includes replacing 10 fire hydrants, 6 air release valves, and a blowoff valve. The project area boundary for the project is shown in the figure below.

May contain: chart, plot, and white board
Project Area Boundary 2022/2023 Water Services Replacement Project, Hidden Oaks Subdivision


2023/2024 Water Services Replacement Project, Granite Bay Shopping Center

This project includes replacing or modifying 26 water services located within the Granite Bay Shopping Center that is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Douglas Blvd and Auburn Folsom Road in Granite Bay between Fuller Road and Douglas Blvd.


Bacon Pump Facility Generator Replacement Project

This project includes replacing the existing stationary emergency diesel generators at the District’s Bacon Pump Station Facility that have outlived their functional service lives. The project also includes construction of new concrete foundations, installation of electrical panels and conduits, and other miscellaneous work within the pump station.


Water Treatment Plant Filter Backwash Hood Rehabilitation Project

This project consists of rehabilitating the original northwest and southwest filter backwash hood facilities at the District’s Sidney N. Peterson Water Treatment Plant that have reached the end of their service life. Each facility includes a backwash hood (including injector assemblies), bridge structure, bridge drive assembly, operations deck, pump house, deck drive assembly, backwash pump and piping, backwash trough, surface wash pump and piping, hydraulic system, exhaust fan and heater, electrical, instrumentation, and controls.  The project involves the rehabilitation (or replacement) of each of these facility components.