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Major Infrastructure Improvement Projects Completed in 2015-2016

Pipelines and Water Services Improvements Projects(Retail) 
This project involved installation of new water distribution pipelines and water services to replace existing, aged pipelines and services that have reached their useful lifespan. These projects were identified in SJWD's Retail Master Plan and other planning and budgeting documents, and included the replacement of pipelines and services on all or portions of Erwin Ave., Peerless Ave., Telegraph Ave., Oak Ave., and Douglas Blvd.

Barton Road Intertie (Retail) 
This project was part of SJWD's Water Supply Reliability Project completed as part of the drought response planning efforts. The project itself involved installation of new pipeline to connect between PCWA and SJWD and facilitate conveyance of up to 2-MGD of emergency water supply in either direction. This project now provides improved reliability, and drought responsiveness and emergency water supply for both PCWA and SJWD.

Auburn Folsom Road 24-in Transmission Pipeline North Phase Project (Retail) 
This project is the final (third) phase of a transmission pipeline improvement project which was started in 2007. This major infrastructure improvement is now in service and conveys water from SJWD's Hinkle Reservoir, along Auburn Folsom Road, and connects to existing distribution piping at the intersection with Eureka Road. This pipeline supplies water to the Upper and Lower Granite Bay Pressure Zones. This project frees up capacity in the Bacon Zone thereby saving budget by eliminating the need for future upsizing of the Bacon Pump Station, and it also provides safety and emergency supply redundancy for the Retail service area distribution system.

SSWD-SJWD Pump Back Project (Wholesale) 
This was one of the Water Supply Reliability Projects which were completed as part of the drought response plan. This project involved the construction of a new booster pump station to transfer water from Sacramento Suburban Water District (SSWD) to SJWD. The project was developed under a joint agreement between SSWD and SJWD and facilitates the pumping of available SSWD groundwater reserves through existing transmission pipelines to then supply this groundwater to SJWD.

Wholesale Supply Control Valve Stations (Wholesale) 
This was one of the Water Supply Reliability Projects completed as part of the drought response plan. This project involves design and construction of two new pressure and flow control valve stations located on two existing wholesale transmission pipelines. These two control valve stations allow necessary control of the conveyance of water to the wholesale agencies during periods when drought conditions exist.

Granite Bay Booster Pump Station - Upper GB BPS & Lower GB BPS (Retail) 
This project was undertaken to replace an aged, existing pump station facility with new pumping facilities. The project consisted of construction of a new 4.96 Million Gallon per Day (MGD) capacity Upper Granite Bay Pump Station, and a new 10.1 MGD Lower Granite Bay Pump Station. Both of these pump stations replaced a single older pump station which had reached the end of its useful life. This project benefits the ratepayers by significantly increasing pumping efficiencies and reducing power use. This project was awarded as the "Energy Project of the Year 2015" by the Sacramento section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.