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Fees and Rates

Rate Sheet

The District's highest priority is to ensure the delivery of a reliable water supply of the highest quality at reasonable and equitable costs.

On January 26, 2022, the Board of Directors approved a three-year rate structure with the first rate adjustment effective February 1, 2022. These adjustments affect the daily base rate only. The volumetric rate remains unchanged. The rate structure cannot exceed each year’s specified percentage. To see where your rates go, view:

What do my rates fund?2022 Schedule of Rates, Fees, Charges2021 Proposition 218 Notice
2022 Rate Box Image
2022 Bill Explanation

Base charge: calculated by multiplying your meter size base charge by the number of days in the billing cycle ($2.50 x 61 days = $152.50). 

Consumption charge: calculated by multiplying the number of units used by the volumetric rate (70 units x $0.92 = $64.40).