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Annual Infrastructure Improvement Programs

Service Line Replacement Program (Retail)

Yearly program to replace 85 services per year as identified in the District’s 2020 Retail Master Plan.  Each year the District’s Engineering and Field Services Departments will identify which services will be scheduled for replacement based on age, condition, and number of leaks or breaks in the area.  Fiscal Year 2022-23 will be the first year of the program.

Air Release Valve Replacement Program (Retail)

Yearly program to replace 45 air release valves (ARV) per year, over a 20-year period, starting in Fiscal Year 2022-23.  The Districts’ goal over the next 20 years is to replace all of the ARVs that are deficient (i.e. broken, not found, cannot be repaired) and/or where the vent opening is located below ground surface and to bring the vent above ground in order to be in compliance with California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Section §64576 Air-Release, Air Vacuum, and Combination Valves.  In locations where existing ARVs are located below ground in the street, the ARV’s will be relocated to the side of the street behind the sidewalk or curb in accordance with the District’s Standards. ARVs will be located within the existing public rights-of-way and easements.