More than 50 years of water service for our wholesale customers.

San Juan Wholesale diverts water from Folsom Lake, treat it to meet drinking water standards and deliver it to wholesale customers for their distribution. Our wholesale operations consist of negotiating customer water contracts, operating a surface water treatment plant and storage facilities and managing pump stations and transmission facilities.  

San Juan Water District’s Wholesale division dates back to 1954 when voters approved our formation as a community services district. We provide water to San Juan Retail, Citrus Heights and Fair Oaks water districts, Orange Vale Water Company and the City of Folsom north of the American River. These customers are known as our wholesale customers.

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Collaborative Efforts to Meet Water Needs: today and tomorrow

We partner with our wholesale customers to ensure long-term, reliable water supplies at reasonable rates. Some of these efforts include:

May 2016 State Water Resources Control Board Required Action of Wholesale Water Agencies

The State Water Resources Control Board amended the drought-related emergency regulations for urban water conservation to implement Executive Order B-29-15, B-36-15 and B-37-16. This amendment requires urban water wholesalers to make projections about how much water they expect to deliver to retail water suppliers under a three-dry-years scenario, when the supply projection for the next three years is based on current supply conditions plus an assumed three-year hydrology mirroring the 2012-13, 2013-14, and 2014-15 water years. (A water year runs from October 1 through September 30).   The supplier’s total potable water demand for each of the next three years will be the supplier’s average annual total potable water production for the years 2013 and 2014.

The wholesaler information needs to identify each source of water and the amounts it expects to deliver to each of its urban potable water retailers for the water year 2017, water year 2018, and water year 2019; starting from October 1, 2017 and assuming:

  • the same hydrologic conditions of water year 2013 occur in water year 2017,
  • the same hydrologic conditions of water year 2014 occur in water year 2018,
  • the same hydrologic conditions of water year 2015 occur in water year 2019, and
  • no temporary change orders that increase the availability of water to any urban water supplier are issued in the next three years

The following summarizes San Juan Water District’s Wholesale water supply conditions using the required framework specified by the State:

San Juan Water District Wholesale total annual water production (in acre-feet)

Year: Production including wells | Production without wells

2013:            50,053    |    48,268

2014:           39,441      |   35,037

Average .   44,747       |   41,653

San Juan Water District Wholesale source of water and supply availability (in acre-feet)

Supply Source:              Water Year 2017   |  Water Year 2018   |    Water Year 2019

Water Rights:                  33,000                     |    33,000                    |     33,000

PCWA contract water:  20,300                      |    17,700                    |      10,000

CVP:                                 24,200                      |    3,000                      |      3,000

Total supply:                   77,500                      |    53,700                    |      46,000

Even in the driest water year (water year 2019 reflecting actual 2015 supply availability), San Juan Water District Wholesale has sufficient water supply to serve its retail water agencies.