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Current RFPs and Bids

Request for Proposals for the Water Treatment Plant Filter Backwash Hood Facilities Rehabilitation Project

Request for Proposals for Hydrant & Valve Maintenance FY 2022-23

Q&A for Hydrant & Valve Maintenance RFP

  1. Is there an engineer's estimate for this project?
    • There is no engineer's estimate for this project.
  2. Is there a specific program that is used to enter the date you are requesting real time?  Are we required to purchase it or is it provided through SJWD?
    • San Juan will provide an iPad for use and the collected data will be entered directly into our City Works program.
  3. Is the contractor responsible for owning the GPS equipment and mobile equipment required to complete this work? or is SJWD providing it?
    • The contractor will be required to provide the GPS equipment and mobile equipment.
  4. Is a valve turning truck acceptable to operate your valve?  Or does is this required to be done by hand?
    • A valve turning truck or a valve actuator is acceptable. The valves do not need to be turned by hand.
  5. Does SJWD provide a route that is requested or required to perform this work? Or is it up to the contractor to come up with the route?
    • It is up to the contractor to route the work. We can provide assistance if needed.
  6. Is there any permitting that is required, or do we perform all flushing under your permit?
    • The flushing will be done under the District’s permit.