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Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems


San Juan Water District standards require that all new residential fire sprinkler systems within its service area are to be based on a Modified Passive Purge (MPP) design.  An MPP system involves designing the fire system piping to the following minimum standards:.

  • All toilets shall be supplied from the fire sprinkler system piping.
  • There shall not be any dead-end loops or zones in the fire system piping layout.  Water must adequately circulate throughout the fire system piping.
  • There shall not be any dead-end arm-overs or horizontal or vertical pipes longer than 36.0-inches.
  • Water system pressures shall be provided to the designer by SJWD’s Engineering Department.  No third party provided pressures will be allowed.
  • All residential fire sprinkler systems shall be approved by SJWD and the Jurisdictional Fire Entity/Agency.
  • Copies of the Jurisdictional Fire Agency’s approved inspection and testing reports shall be submitted to SJWD prior to a water service activation.

Without a fire sprinkler system being designed, constructed, inspected and approved as a MPP, then SJWD may opt to require a retrofit of the system to meet the MPP requirements.  If a residential fire sprinkler system cannot qualify as a MPP, then SJWD shall require a backflow prevention device to be installed on the water service just downstream of the water meter before a service will be activated or re-activated.  Any service that does not meet these requirements is subject to a shut-down lockout until such time as these requirements are met.  More information on this topic can be found here: 

SJWD - Residential Fire Sprinkler Design Requirements



There are two methods of designing residential fire sprinkler systems in SJWD’s service area.

Method A – Design Based on a Standardized Pressure.

Typically this methodology is used when the fire system can be based on a standard pressure of either 35-psi or 45-psi (based on the site specific location within SJWD’s service area).  The process involves contacting SJWD’s Engineering Department and requesting a “Standard Pressure” for a given parcel or location.  There is no fee associated with this methodology for obtaining a standard pressure value from SJWD.  A copy of the design procedure for this methodology can be referenced here:

SJWD - Residential Fire Sprinkler Standard Pressure Design Procedure


Method B – Design Based on a Flow and Pressure Analysis.

Typically this methodology is used when a site specific pressure is needed to complete a fire sprinkler system design, such as for a larger custom home or where there are unusual site conditions or other constraints.  This design method begins with contacting SJWD and requesting a site specific Flow and Pressure analysis.  An application for a flow and pressure analysis is submitted to SJWD along with a fee payment for this service.  The current fee for this service can be found on SJWD’s current fee schedule.  A copy of the design procedure for this methodology can be referenced below.  A copy of the “Application for Flow and/or Pressure Analysis” form can be referenced here:

SJWD - Residential Fire Service Design ProcedureSJWD - Application for Flow or Pressure Analysis



There are four fire entities/agencies having jurisdiction within SJWD’s service area.

  • South Placer Fire District
  • City of Roseville Fire Department
  • City of Folsom Fire Department
  • Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department



Should you have any questions or need further information please do not hesitate to contact SJWD’s Engineering Department.