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Major Infrastructure Improvement Projects Completed in 2022-23

Hinkle Reservoir Replacement Project (Wholesale)

Before water is delivered to your home, it passes through the 62 million-gallon Hinkle Reservoir. This facility is the main storage for all the Wholesale Agencies, which include Citrus Heights Water District, Fair Oaks Water District, Orange Vale Water Company, a section of the City of Folsom north of the American River, and San Juan’s own Retail Service Area. To meet new environmental regulations and protect water supplies from contamination, San Juan installed the current Hypalon geomembrane liner and floating cover in 1980. This system was originally guaranteed for a period of 25 years. San Juan has worked hard since 1980 to maintain the cover and liner, testing it regularly to ensure its integrity. The liner and cover were more than 40 years old and San Juan has just replaced them.


Eureka Road Pipeline Replacement Project (Retail)

This project will replace approximately 3,925 linear feet of aged, 16-in steel transmission pipeline in Eureka Road from Barton Road to Providence Lane.  This existing pipeline will be replaced with a new 18-in diameter ductile iron pipeline that will improve system redundancy and reliability.  Work also includes the installation of new in-line valves, fire hydrants, air release valves, services, and other ancillaries.


2022/2023 Air Release Valve Replacement Project

The project includes replacing 45 air release valves (ARV) that are deficient (i.e. broken, not found, cannot be repaired) and/or where the vent opening is located below ground surface and to bring the vent above ground in order to be in compliance with California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Section §64576 Air-Release, Air Vacuum, and Combination Valves.  In locations where existing ARVs are located below ground in the street, the ARV’s will be relocated to the side of the street behind the sidewalk or curb in accordance with the District’s Standards. ARVs will be located within the existing public rights-of-way and easements. The project area is within the boundaries of Eureka Road and Twin Rocks Road and between Barton Road and Douglas Blvd in Granite Bay.

Upper Granite Bay Pump Station Generator Replacement Project

This project includes replacing the existing stationary emergency diesel generator at the District’s Upper Granite Bay Pump Station that has outlived its functional service life. The generator will be replaced with a new stationary diesel generator, including a new concrete foundation.

Solar Culvert/Baldwin Channel Lining Project

This project will replace an existing damaged culvert located in the Baldwin Channel under the access road to the Districts Solar Field facility adjacent to Baldwin Reservoir. The culvert will be replaced with two concrete box culverts and slide gates. Additionally, the project also includes lining the section of Baldwin Channel between the Hinkle Reservoir spillway and Auburn-Folsom Road. The new lined section will consist of 6-in to 8-in of wire reinforced shotcrete.