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Meter Box Clearance Requirements

Meter box clearance graphic

Many people want to hide their meter box by covering it with plants. We need to ensure the meter box is accessible so the meter can be read and maintenance can be performed.   As shown in the graphic above:

Other than turf grass, gravel, bark, mulch or dirt, no planting material shall be located within the one foot perimeter of the meter box.

Small plants with shallow root systems (like annuals, some ground covers, etc) may be planted outside of the one foot perimeter if they will not encroach upon the required one foot clearance.

No trees or shrubs with expansive or invasive root systems shall be planted within two feet from the edge of the meter box, as roots invade the meter box and cause leaks.

A seven foot vertical clearance is required above the meter box so staff can stand upright when making repairs.

 If you see a blue flag in your yard and received a letter requesting that your meter box be cleared of any landscape material, please clear the meter box at your earliest convenience.

overgrown meter box
Overgrown meter box
Meter Access Picture
Cleared meter box