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Major Infrastructure Improvement Projects Completed in 2016-2017

Water Treatment Plant Improvements (Wholesale)
Flocculation/Sedimentation Basin and Settled Water – In FY 2016-2017 the District began the construction phase for the scheduled two-year duration Flocculation/Sedimentation Basin and Settled Water Improvements Project.  Construction of a significant portion of this project was done in FY 2016-2017 with substantial completion by December 2017 and full completion by spring of 2018.  There was a need to rollover final completion of the project into fall and winter 2017 because work could not be done during the high water demand period of the summer of 2017.  This project replaced existing aged equipment that was beyond its useful lifespan.  The project also added a second settled water channel from the flocculation/sedimentation process to convey settled water to the filters which provides operational redundancy and added plant capacity for high water demand summer periods.

Electrical Improvements (Wholesale and Retail)
Arc Flash Improvements – The Arc Flash Project was done in two phases; initial work involved performing a hazard assessment of the arc flash potential for the District’s existing facilities, with the final phase consisting of performing the identified maintenance, calibration and other improvements necessary to ensure the facilities remain safe and in compliance with current codes and regulations.  The work began with an evaluation of District facilities and preparation of a summary report, including recommendations regarding the options and costs for necessary operational and compliance improvements.  Scope for this project also included testing and modeling of the existing equipment, as necessary, to identify the needs, and for providing current and applicable safety signage.  The final phase of the project involved performing the identified preventative maintenance of the electrical equipment.

Pipelines and Water Services Improvements Projects (Retail)
Main Avenue Pipeline Replacement – This project involved slip-lining approximately 900 lineal feet (LF) of new 12-inch fusible C-900 PVC pipeline into an existing, aged steel, 20-inch pipeline within Main Ave (between Lake Natoma Dr. and Twin Lakes Ave, in Orangevale).  Work also included completing the tie-in connecting piping, as well as installing valves, meters, enclosures, hydrants, services, completing the abandonments for the old facilities, and completing the construction of other appurtenances, as necessary, to finish the improvement project.

Oak Avenue Pipeline Replacement – This project involved construction of approximately 1,465 LF of new 12-inch fusible joint C-900 PVC pipeline which was installed by slip-lining into an existing, old 24-in steel pipeline within Oak Ave in front of the Casa Roble High School (between Filbert Ave and 9219 Oak Ave, in Orangevale).  Work also included completing the tie-in connecting piping, as well as installing valves, meters, enclosures, hydrants, services, completing the abandonments of the old facilities, and constructing other appurtenances, as necessary, to complete the improvement project.

ARC N/S Pressure Reducing Valve Station – This project involved the construction of a new Pressure Reducing Control Valve Station (PRS) located at the intersection of American River Canyon Drive and Oak Avenue in Folsom.  The purpose of the PRS is to regulate pressure of the water being conveyed from the ARC-North pressure zone to the ARC-South pressure zone, thereby saving electrical energy by allowing the ARC-South pump station to remain in standby mode for part of the year.  The project also lowered pressure in the ARC-South zone when the ARC-North zone is interconnected which is expected to increase the lifespan of service lines.

Distribution Storage Improvement Projects (Retail)
Los Lagos Tank Recoating – Work for this project included removing all of the existing interior coatings, followed by preparing and recoating the tank interior shell, rafters, floor, ladder, overflow, ceiling, roof drain piping, and all other miscellaneous steel on the interior of the 1.6 Million Gallon (105-foot diameter by 24-foot tall) welded steel tank.  Following the completion of the interior, work began on cleaning, preparing and overcoating the exterior shell and ancillaries of the tank using an approved rolled application method (not sprayed in order to ensure no impact to the surrounding properties) with an epoxy urethane system to provide a long life coating system.  Finally, as the tank was ready to be placed back into service the corrosion protection system was replaced to ensure that the steel tank continues to provide a long service life for the District’s customers.

Los Lagos Tank Mixing System – During the recoating project for the Los Lagos Tank, a mixing system was installed to increase circulation of the stored water in the tank.  Having this recirculation mixer in place results in a fresher stored water supply for delivery to the District’s customers.