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Engineering Services

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San Juan Water District’s Engineering Services Department provides services to ensure a safe, reliable water supply for Retail and Wholesale customers. Engineers are responsible for managing design and construction of replacements and improvements for San Juan’s water treatment and distribution systems, from conveyance of raw water from Folsom Lake, through the water treatment plant processes and to the delivery point at all customer service connections.

Facilities within our Wholesale and Retail service areas include pump stations, storage tanks and over 200 miles of pipeline. Within our retail service area, we deliver water to more than 10,000 residential and non-residential connections. We also supply treated water to approximately 160,000 Wholesale area customers within Orange Vale Water Company, Citrus Heights Water District, Fair Oaks Water District, the City of Folsom (north of the American River) and, when adequate supply is available, to another 171,000 customers in Sacramento Suburban Water District.

The Engineering Services Department also oversees new development projects from single-family-residential homes being built on an individual parcel to large, multi-parcel subdivisions, and commercial developments.
In general, engineering responsibilities include:

  • Planning, budgeting, mapping, design, permitting, inspection and construction of capital improvement projects (CIPs).
  • Reviewing and approving all site plans for residential, commercial and industrial development projects and construction oversight for associated water facilities.
  • Performing final inspections for new water services and initiating water service.
  • Providing technical and engineering support for other SJWD departments.
  • Managing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), facilities maps and hydraulic models of the Wholesale and Retail water facilities.
  • Performing facilities surveying using current Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and other surveying equipment.
  • Ensuring all projects meet design, construction, regulatory and environmental standards.
  • Working with and supporting SJWD’s customers, contractors and consultants to provide technical information and respond to technical and engineering-related inquiries.