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Programs & Services

San Juan offers many helpful programs and services to help you save water. 

Landscape Irrigation Reviews

Highly trained staff is available to help you with your landscape. If your usage increased and you don't know why or you are struggling with your irrigation system, give us a call. We can assess your system looking for opportunities for improvement. Most often we find leaks in the system, misdirected sprinklers, excessive irrigation run times and poor irrigation coverage. Call us today at 916-791-2663. 

High Usage Courtesy Calls

After each meter reading, staff reviews each reading looking for abnormalities in use. Past usage is compared to the current meter reading and customers are contacted when water usage is significantly greater than past readings. Often times, this review identifies a water leak or an irrigation problem.  If you get a call from us about high usage, this is a courtesy call notifying you that there may be a water use problem in or around your property.