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Major Current Capital Improvement Projects

Hinkle Reservoir Tank Project (Wholesale)

The District is moving forward with a major improvement project that includes the rehabilitation of the District’s Hinkle Reservoir.  The 62 million gallon drinking water reservoir was lined and covered in 1980.  The cover and liner have outlived their useful life and need to be replaced.  To assist with operational control during the project, two large temporary tanks will be installed on the District’s property just beyond the main gate. These bolted steel tanks, as seen in the rendering above, are currently under fabrication and are scheduled to be erected by November 2020.  The two tanks are temporary and will be removed once the project is completed. We expect completion in spring/summer of 2022.

Crown Point/Lower Granite Bay Intertie (Retail) 
This project involves construction of an access manway and installation of an electric motor drive actuator onto an existing isolation valve that is located on the underground bypass piping between the Crown Point and Lower Granite Bay booster pump stations. The addition of this valve actuator will allow the valve to be automatically opened in the event of a pump station failure, providing redundancy for safety and emergency supply for both the Crown Point and Lower Granite Bay pressure zones.

Water Treatment Plant Residual Area Lift Station Project (Wholesale) – This project will make improvements to the solids handling system at the Treatment Plant.  The project includes completing some grading of the existing solids drying area, and constructing a new lift station and piping to recycle collected water back into the existing equalizations basin.  Work for this project includes completing the necessary electrical power and instrumentation and control improvements for the new recycle lift station.

Water Treatment Plant Filter Basins Rehabilitation Project (Wholesale) – This project involved rehabilitation of the District’s Sidney N. Peterson Water Treatment Plant’s filter basins.  Work tasks included removal and permitted offsite disposal of the existing, spent filter media, and replacement of tha old media with new filter media.  Prior to placement of the new filter media the spalled surfaces of the existing concrete filter basins walls and floor needed to be cleaned and prepared to receive a new coating of these concrete surfaces with an elastomeric liner.  Work also included removal of the old filter subdrain nozzles, and installation of new filter nozzles.  Due to the extensive work involved with the project it has been divided up into two seasons, with one half of the filters being done in the winter months of 2019-2020, and the remaining half of the filters to be completed in winter months of 2020-2021.

Upper and Lower Granite Bay Pump Station Low Flow Pumps (Retail) - This project will add low flow pumps to each of the Granite Bay Pump Stations.  These new pumps will then be used during low water demand times of the year, thereby reduce operating costs. The Upper and Lower Granite Bay Pump Stations were originally sized based on actual historic and projected water demands.  However, due to the recent droughts and conservation efforts, water demand has fallen significantly, and during the low demand months the existing pumps do not operate efficiently which in turn results in added mechanical wear and slightly higher energy use.

American River Canyon South Booster Pump Station Variable Frequency Drive Replacements (Retail) – This project involves the replacement of the existing aged and obsolete Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) at the ARC-South BPS.  VFD’s are used in an electro-mechanical system to adjust the speed and torque output of an electric motor.  The VFD powers an electric motor, in this case the pump motor, and changes the pump speed by varying the frequency and voltage supplied to the electric motor.  In the case of the District’s booster pump stations VFD’s are used to drive pump motors at the appropriate speed to match the water demand.  Use of VFD's in the District's pump stations reduces electricity costs and reduces wear and tear on the pumps, which increases their reliability and service life.  This project will replace the aged VFD's at this pump station along with the necessary ancillary wiring and components.

Douglas Booster Pump Station Electrical Improvements (Retail) - The Douglas Booster Pump Station provides back-up water supply to the Upper and Lower Granite Bay pressure zones.  This pump station is expected to also play an important operational role when the Hinkle Reservoir is re-lined and re-covered.  This project will upgrade the aged electrical and mechanical systems for the Douglas Booster Pump Station to bring it up to current code, add safety improvements, and provide improved operational efficiency.  The project will include either one or two variable frequency drives, depending upon the configuration of the pump(s).  Variable frequency drives reduce electricity costs and reduce wear and tear on the pumps, which increases their reliability and service life.