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Hinkle Project

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Hinkle Reservoir Liner and Cover Replacement Project

The Heart of the District

Before water is delivered to your home, it passes through the 62 million-gallon Hinkle Reservoir. This facility is the main storage for all the Wholesale Agencies, which include Citrus Heights Water District, Fair Oaks Water District, Orange Vale Water Company, a section of the City of Folsom north of the American River, and San Juan’s own Retail Service Area. To meet new environmental regulations and protect water supplies from contamination, San Juan installed the current Hypalon geomembrane liner and floating cover in 1980. This system was originally guaranteed for a period of 25 years. San Juan has worked hard since 1980 to maintain the cover and liner, testing it regularly to ensure its integrity. The liner and cover were more than 40 years old and San Juan has just replaced them.

This 6-month long project is now complete and Hinkle Reservoir has been returned to service. We appreciate the efforts that our customers made to keep demands low during the time that the reservoir was offline. System operations are normal and we have full water supplies this year, so please use them to meet your needs – as always, use water wisely. Thank you for making this project a success!



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