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Position Descriptions


Non-Exempt Positions 
Accounting Technician I
Accounting Technician II
Accounting Technician III
Admin. Assistant - Board Secretary
Chief Operator
CMMS/GIS Coordinator
Construction Inspector I
Construction Inspector II
Construction Inspector III
Customer Service Technician I
Customer Service Technician II
Customer Service Technician III
Distribution Lead Worker
Distribution Operator I
Distribution Operator II
Distribution Operator III
Distribution Operator IV
Engineering Technician I
Engineering Technician II
Engineering Technician III
Facilities Maintenance Helper
Facilities Maintenance Worker I
Facilities Maintenance Worker II
Field Services Technician
Finance & Administrative Services Analyst
Information Technology Technician I
Information Technology Technician II
Instrumentation Technician
Maintenance Chief
Meter Technician
Pump Station Lead
Pump Station Technician
Purchasing Agent
Utilities Coordinator
Water Efficiency Assistant (Helper)
Water Efficiency Lead Worker
Water Efficiency Technician I
Water Efficiency Technician II
Water Treatment Plant Operator I
Water Treatment Plant Operator II
Water Treatment Plant Operator III
Water Treatment Plant Operator IV
Exempt Positions
Assistant General Manager
Associate Engineer
Customer Service Manager
Director of Finance
Engineering Services Manager
Field Services Manager
General Manager (Contract)
Information Technology Manager
Operations Manager
Safety/Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Senior Engineer
Water Resources Manager
Water Treatment Plant Manager
Temporary Help Classification
(Limited to 1000 Hours per year)
CAD/GIS Intern
Temporary/Seasonal Help