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Code of Ordinances

Table of Contents
 District Administration
1000 General Provisions1100 Board of Directors & Officers2000 Management of District
4000 Purchasing
Personnel Practices
5000 Personnel Practices
District Operations
6000 Annexations & Detachments7000 Modification of Code Requirements8000 Rules for Water Service9000 District Water Systems10000 Non-Responsibility of District11000 Prohibited Practices12000 Rates & Conditions for Water Service13000 Water Service Connection14000 Connection Fees for Water Service15000 Customer Deposits for Accounts16000 Temporary Water Service17000 Metered Services18000 Issuance and Payment of Water Bills19000 Damage to District Property20000 Location of Water Lines Easements21000 Fire Hydrants22000 Service for Fire Protection Systems23000 District Water Conservation Program
Water Systems for Subdivisions/Major Development/Parcel Maps
24000 Installation of Facilities25000 Utility Facilities26000 Extent of Systems27000 Reimbursement of Certain Facilities Costs
Ordinance Revision Log08-001 Adoption of Ordinance2100 Amending Ordinance No. 20004100 Amending Ordinance No. 40003100 Repealing Ordinance No. 30009100 Amending Ordinance No. 900019-01 Amending Ordinance No. 15000_17000_1800020-01 Amending Ordinance No. 1000020-02 Amending Ordinance No. 1100 - Establishing by division elections adopting map and sequencing elections21-01 Amending Ordinance No. 110021-02 Amending Ordinance No. 2300022-01 Amending Ordinances Nos 1000, 12000, 16000 and 22000