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Where your Dollar Goes: Keeping Water Rates to a Minimum

As a non-profit public agency, we cannot charge customers more than the cost of providing service. We are committed to providing quality service at the lowest possible cost. We have saved over $100,000 during the past 12 months with these and other efficient strategies:

  • Reduced dependency on temporary staff and consultants
  • Completed large projects in-house, such as the Information Technology Master Plan and several large construction/design projects
  • Designed energy efficient distribution system upgrades
  • Enhanced and standardized information technology
  • Consolidated two information technology positions
  • Maintained staffing numbers below 1980’s level, despite expanded duties and increased customer base
Pie Chart of Retail Budget 2013-14

In addition, the district is saving over $250,000 annually and has increased water treatment capacity by up to 20 million gallons daily by utilizing a new treatment process. By increasing capacity, San Juan could save from $20 million to $40 million in future costs by avoiding treatment plant expansions anticipated in our thirty-year master plan from 2000.