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PG&E Power Outage - will this effect my water supply?

Outage may featuring Granite Bay
Outage map effecting Granite Bay

If PG&E announces that power will be disconnected due to their Public Safety Power Shutoff Protocol, portions of the San Juan Water District retail service area may see the effect,  For the latest information on the outage please visit:

The District has planned for electricity loss in its emergency operations planning and we are able to keep water flowing to your homes and businesses. There may be some locations in an affected service area that may experience water pressure changes but those should be minimal and may not be noticed at all. If you do experience lower or higher pressure at your home or business during a power outage, it should be temporary. Once power is restored, your water pressure should return to pre-outage conditions.  

We appreciate your patience and understanding and willingness to work with the District through these outages.