Major Wholesale Capital Improvement Projects Completed in 2017-2018

Water Treatment Plant Improvements

The improvements to SJWD's water treatment plant for FY 2017-18 included completion of the WTP improvements for the flocculation/sedimentation process, cleaning and repairs to the cover and lining of the Hinkle Reservoir, replacement of aged backwash hood pumps, addition of motor disconnects for the flocculation mix drive motors, construction of an improved spent lime grit containment area, addition of variable frequency drives for the alum feed pumps, various electrical and power system improvements, updates to the SCADA system to add the Hinkle underdrain and plant pumping system monitoring, and other miscellaneous work. These projects replace existing aged equipment that was beyond its useful lifespan, added safety features, and also provided for treatment plant operational redundancy, to help protect the facility in the event of a failure or maintenance need.

Baldwin Reservoir Overflow Improvements

This project involved improvements to the overflow structure for the Baldwin Reservoir to keep debris and wildlife from entering the overflow outlet piping by installing a trash rack (heavy duty screen) to the inlet side of the overflow outlet structure.

Hinkle Reservoir Piezometer Improvements

The existing piezometers at the Hinkle reservoir were upgraded to improve monitoring groundwater levels. The project consisted of installation of transducers (pressure measurement instruments) within each of the four piezometer wells. This project resulted in improved monitoring and reporting by automating the system and transmitting the real-time data into the SCADA system.