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Maintenance Shutdown

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Water line maintenance is scheduled for 3/9/23. This will result in a temporary water service outage for part or all of the following streets:

Knightswood Way
Woburn Ct
Villeroy Ct
Whetstone Ct

All affected homes received a door hanger notification.

Be prepared to be without water from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

We suggest that you use a bathtub or a sink to store enough water to supply any needs you may have during the interruption. To continue to use your toilets during the outage, use the stored water to refill your toilet tanks after each flush. During the outage, keep all faucets closed. This is necessary to prevent draining the pipes in your home and to prevent damage when the water is turned on again. Do not draw water from your hot water tank while your water supply is off. If you have a fire sprinkler system, it will be out of service during the outage.

Service will be restored as quickly as possible without additional notice.

After an outage, and when water service is restored, some customers in or near the outage area may experience temporary discolored water. If this happens, run the water in your bathtub and/or faucets to flush your water service line and the water should clear on its own. If it does not clear, please call us at (916) 791-0115.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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