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How Do I - Start/Stop Service – Property Management

I am a Property Management Company and want to act on the Owners behalf to pay/receive bills:

The District does not transfer service out of a property owner’s name and into a tenants or a property management company’s name, even if a property management company is managing a property on the owner’s behalf.  If the owner wants the property manager to act on their behalf, the owner must complete a Property Management Authorization Form and submit to the District.

Property Management Authorization.pdf

 If the owner does not wish to receive the original bill, but wants it to go to the property management company, the bills can be mailed C/O the property management company.  If the tenants are required to pay the water bill, bill copies can be sent to the service address upon authorization of the property management company or the owner.  The bill copy will be addressed to San Juan Water District Customer, but never in the tenant’s name.  The District does not prorate bills for rental properties.  Prorating is the responsibility of the Owner or Property Management Company. 

If a property management company is no longer acting on behalf of the owner, please contact the District office at 916-791-0115.