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General FAQs

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What is the difference between Wholesale and Retail?
The District sells large amounts of water to other retail agencies for delivery to their own customers. San Juan keeps a separate accounting of all revenues and expenses for each division, so our Retail customers only pay for the cost to provide service to our Retail service area. Our Wholesale division sells water to the following agencies: 

  • San Juan Water District’s Retail Division
  • Citrus Heights Water District
  • Fair Oaks Water District
  • Orange Vale Water Company
  • City of Folsom (north of the American River)
  • Sacramento Suburban Water District (periodically)

What is the source of San Juan’s water?
Our water supply comes from the American River. It's diverted from Folsom Reservoir and conveyed to the Peterson Water Treatment Plant where it's treated to remove sediments, organic materials, and pathogens before being delivered to our customers.

How large is San Juan’s Retail service area?
Our Retail service area consists of approximately 17 square miles (10,880 acres).

How many miles of pipe are in San Juan’s Retail service area?
Our service area has approximately 200 miles of pipeline, with diameters ranging from 4 inches to 72 inches.

Who regulates San Juan’s water?
We are regulated by the California State Water Resources Control Board.