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Federal Funds for San Juan Infrastructure Project


For Immediate Release                                                                             
March 12, 2024 

Contact:            Paul Helliker
                           San Juan Water District
                           (916) 791-6936

San Juan Water District receives $1.25 million from EPA for critical infrastructure needs

Granite Bay, CA – The San Juan Water District (SJWD) today announced it has secured $1,250,000 in funding from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) State and Tribal Assistance Grants (STAG) account for the Kokila Reservoir Replacement Project. Congressman Kevin Kiley, Representative for California’s 3rd Congressional District, sponsored the funding.

Kokila Reservoir Picture

The Kokila Reservoir Replacement Project aims to address critical infrastructure needs by replacing the aging Kokila Reservoir, a 4.56-million-gallon earthen reservoir lined and covered with Hypalon, which serves as the primary treated water and pressure regulating reservoir for SJWD’s retail service area. Originally installed in 1984, the cover and liner have exceeded their typical 25-year lifespan due to diligent maintenance efforts. However, the reservoir now requires replacement with a new partially buried prestressed concrete tank to ensure continued reliability and safety of drinking water delivery.

This essential project will benefit approximately 330,000 residents in Placer and Sacramento counties by safeguarding public health and safety and maintaining reliable drinking water distribution. The Kokila Reservoir plays a vital role in the distribution of surface water supplies and groundwater from banked supplies within SJWD’s service area and the greater Sacramento region.

“We wish to acknowledge Representative Kevin Kiley for his role in securing federal support for this project,” said SJWD Board Chair Manuel Zamorano. “His focus on addressing the needs of our region ensures the safety and reliability of drinking water for residents in Placer and Sacramento counties.”

The Kokila Reservoir Replacement Project represents a significant step towards modernizing infrastructure and ensuring the resilience of water distribution systems in the region. With the support of the San Juan Water District and the allocated funding from the EPA, this project will contribute to the long-term sustainability and prosperity of the communities it serves.

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San Juan Water District provides reliable, high-quality water service to approximately 265,000 retail and wholesale customers in eastern Sacramento and southern Placer counties. In addition to serving its own retail customers, San Juan delivers wholesale water supplies to Citrus Heights and Fair Oaks water districts, Orange Vale Water Company, the City of Folsom (for customers north of the American River) and, periodically, to Sacramento Suburban Water District.