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FAQs for Property Development, Developer and Owner Projects

How do I get a new metered water connection?
For multi-residential and commercial projects, please complete the Project Initiation Application and submit it to our Engineering Services Department with a preliminary set of project plans, and water use calculations (including fire system, irrigation, and domestic uses).

How do I determine what size water connection I need?
Based on the information provided in your Application for Water Service submittal (water demands, fire requirements and landscaping needs), our Engineering Services Department will assist you with the appropriate sizing of the water service(s).

How many copies of the design plans do I need to submit for review?
Each design submittal for review should include two hardcopy sets of design drawings in full-size format. Final as-built project plans should be submitted at the end of the project as a single hardcopy, full-size printed and engineer-signed as-built records set, along with an electronic copy of the water system design sheets in AutoCAD format (with .ctb and reference files).

Who do I contact to find out about fire requirements?
San Juan Water District does not establish fire system requirements.  You will need to have your project plans reviewed by the jurisdictional fire entity serving your parcel.  The following represent general contact information for the three fire agencies serving parcels within SJWD’s retail service area.

  • City of Folsom: City of Folsom Fire Department, (916) 984-2280
  • Sacramento County: Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, (916) 566-4000
  • Placer County: South Placer Fire District, (916) 791-7059

All fire services, including residential fire services, must be equipped with an RPP-type backflow prevention device.  You should work with your fire system designer to ensure that adequate supply flow and pressure will be available to support your fire system.

What criteria should be used for design of the water facilities?
Please refer to the Design Requirements and Standard Details.

How long is a project approval valid?
Approval signatures on submitted projects are valid for one year from the date of signature.

How would I know a water meter is needed?
Your project will require a water meter. In accordance with California State regulations and a U.S. federal mandate, all water connections within the San Juan Water District are metered. Metering assures each customer pays for only the water they use.

How do I get a new metered water connection?
For single-family residential projects, please complete the Application for Water Service. Then, submit it to and a copy of your residential site and landscaping plan(s) and water demand calculations to our Engineering Services Department.

Who do I contact when I need to begin construction?
A minimum of 48-hours prior to beginning any construction in our service area, you must contact our Construction Inspector at (916) 791-0153. Please also schedule a pre-construction meeting about two weeks in advance of beginning construction to discuss the project and plan construction related tasks and any shutdowns that may be necessary.

How do I submit my list of materials?
You can submit your list of materials, and other development-related documents, to the Engineering Department using the contact information provided here.

Do you have a list of contractors I can use?
As a public agency, we do not have a preferred or recommended contractors’ list. If you are looking for a contractor to work on your project’s water facilities, you must research and select a contractor of your preference. Please note that contractors performing any work on SJWD facilities must have a C34 or Class A Contractor’s License, be in good standing with the Contractors’ State License Board, and be bonded and insured. San Juan Water District must also be listed as an additional insured (see insurance section below).

What insurance do I need to have?
Depending on the extent of a particular project the insurance requirements and limits of coverage may be adjusted as necessary. Therefore each contract or conveyance agreement will establish the insurance requirements. Typically there will be a requirement for commercial general liability, automotive liability, and workers compensation. SJWD must be listed as an additional insured using the specific required language on the endorsement form.

How do I close-out a project when construction is complete?
Typically, at the end of the project the closeout process includes submittal of the as-built documentation, O&M’s, easements and property transfers, bill of sale and other required documents. Then a letter of acceptance is prepared.

How much water pressure should my property have?
SJWD Field Operations personnel work hard to maintain a stable water pressure at each customer service connection. However, due to changes in water demand during the course of the day, water pressure may fluctuate. SJWD has established an operational goal of maintaining a minimum of 35-psi at the water main throughout the distribution system. In many locations within San Juan’s retail service area, the pressure is higher than this value. 

State code requires all distribution water mains be maintained at a minimum pressure of 20-psi at all times. Water pressures and demand periods fluctuate during various times of the day and typically can be represented by the following graph. But pressures may vary based on your specific location within the service area. 

What is clogging my faucet screens and aerators?
Clogs may result from solid or semi-solid materials that find their way to your tap. These materials are usually sand, grains or calcium-type minerals. Over time, they can get trapped in the faucet outlets and aerator screens. Try removing and cleaning the screen. If this doesn’t work, please collect any materials that may be restricting your water flow. Then, contact SJWD’s Field Operations Department for further help.

Who do I call for information about drinking water quality?
For questions on water quality or your annual Consumer Confidence Report please contact SJWD’s Treatment Plant Superintendent, Bill Sadler, at (916) 791-0115.

Who do I contact if my water pressure is low?
For pressure or service related questions, contact Field Services Manager George Machado, at (916) 791-0115.

Who do I contact for backflow prevention devices and testing?
For information on backflow prevention devices, cross-connection control, and other related issues please contact SJWD’s Utilities Coordinator Mike Martinez, at (916) 791-6913.

Who do I call with questions about my bill?
For billing and related questions please contact SJWD’s Customer Service Department, at (916) 791-0115.