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FO-40 Map

Beginning in October 2018 and continuing into Spring 2019, San Juan Water District will be relining a 40-inch diameter Transmission Main known as the Fair Oaks-40 (FO-40).  The FO-40 Pipeline delivers water to San Juan Water District customers within our Retail Service Area between Oak Avenue to Main and Pershing Avenues.  The transmission pipeline also has Wholesale connections to Orange Vale Water Company and is one of two supply connections to Fair Oaks Water District. 

The Relining Project is the final phase of a seven year rehabilitation project for this 60 year old pipeline.  This final phase of the project includes removing the interior mortar lining and replacing it with a new thicker lining to protect the pipeline from interior corrosion.  To complete this work, access points along the pipeline are needed for the crews to remove old lining materials and complete the relining process.  Due to the alignment of the project through open fields, back yards and under roadways, close coordination with our customers is key to the success of this project. 

Customers will not be out of service during the project; however, the project will create some noise in areas where work is taking place.  The project Team has been working with our customers along the pipeline alignment for over a year to coordinate access and the completion of work.  Our customers continue to amaze us as to their understanding of the criticality of the project and their willingness to work with their water District to complete this project.

Aerial Picture
Figure 2 - FO-40" South Alignment
Aerial Picture
Figure 1 - FO-40" North Alignment