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District Staffing and Compensation FAQs

What is the difference between what San Juan Retail and Wholesale staff members perform in their duties?
San Juan employees’ salaries are paid by either the Wholesale or the Retail or a combination of both, depending on the position. This organization chart illustrates how much of each District position is paid for by retail revenues and how much by wholesale revenues:

The Wholesale operation is responsible for water supply reliability, water rights and treatment of the water delivered to the Wholesale Customer Agencies. 

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The Retail operation delivers the water treated by the Wholesale operations to our customers. Both operations require compliance with the many state and federal regulations concerning water rights, treatment and operations. It also requires field staff who ensure the continuing operation, repair, safety and upgrading of San Juan’s Retail system. There also are expenses for administration such as customer service, billing and accounting. 

How does the number of San Juan’s Retail employees compare to other retail agencies?
San Juan Water District is both a retail agency and a wholesale agency. Financially, each is treated as a separate entity. San Juan Water District’s Retail operations has 27.9 full-time equivalent staff to operate 10,609 connections. There are multiple agencies that provide retail water supply to people in this region. However, many are cities or districts that provide other services in addition to water supply and it is not easy to determine the total staffing (including accounting, customer service, etc.) allocated to retail water services. A few of the agencies with easily calculated staffing numbers are listed here:

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Does San Juan ever check its salaries with other agencies? How does San Juan’s salaries compare to other agencies?
San Juan’s salary are in the middle of the range of comparable water supply and wastewater agencies in Sacramento and Placer Counties and in neighboring counties. Here is a link to the State Controller’s Office for more information:  

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