Dambacher Drive Service Replacements Project

**Project Update September 4, 2018 - see below**

This project consists of the installation (replacement) of nineteen (19) aged residential water services along Dambacher Drive.  Included in this work will be the replacement of eight (8) “Long-Side”, and eleven (11) “Short-Side” water services between the existing water main in the street and the water meter boxes along the frontages of each parcel served. 

Work on the Dambacher Drive Service Replacements Project began on August 13th and was predominately finished with the completion of the paving task done on August 27, 2018.  A work task remaining to be completed consists of placing the final slurry seal of the entire street area within the project work zone.  The slurry seal for the road is scheduled to be completed by the fall of 2018.  Customers will be requested to not park their cars on the street during the period when the slurry seal work task is being done.

SJWD personnel will be in contact with each of the specific customers to be affected by this project and will provide them with details related to service outage times and dates, information on ingress and egress from driveways and the street, as well as other construction-related matters. 

The following figure provides a graphical representation of the water service replacement locations included in this project.

Aerial Map of Road

If you have a need to report an emergency or other issue associated with this project please contact SJWD at (916) 791-0115 during normal weekday working hours, and at the same number after hours when our answering service will take your calls and arrange for the appropriate personnel to respond.  If you have, or witness an emergency situation or accident please call 911 to make the appropriate report as necessary for emergency response personnel to address those types of situations.

San Juan has set up a project information line at (916) 791-6952, where customers can get up-to-date information on this project.