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Customer Service and Billing FAQs

How do I recognize San Juan field staff? 

San Juan Water District does not test water inside homes and staff members always identity him/herself. Before letting a person identifying him/herself as a utility worker into your home, please verify he/she is an official San Juan Water District employee by doing the following:

Staff Picture
Ask to see San Juan employee identification
Staff picture
Check for clearly marked San Juan vehicle

How do I open a new account?
To open a new account, please call customer service at (916) 791-0115. We’ll be happy to assist you! Be prepared to provide the name and contact information for your title company. If you are a tenant, your landlord or property manager must call to authorize us to send a copy of the bill to the service address.

How much does my water cost?
Water is billed by hundred cubic foot (or CCF). Each CCF equals 748 gallons (about 20 bathtubs full of water). Every 748 gallons you use costs you $0.99. This equates to $0.00132 per gallon. In comparison, an average water bottle holds 16 ounces and can cost you $1.20 ($9.60 per gallon).

Why is my water bill higher this month?
Water use fluctuates from season to season, which will cause the amount of your metered water bill to fluctuate. Outdoor landscaping and plants, for example, require a lot of water during the hot summer months, but need hardly any water during the winter. 

If you notice a change in your water use that you don’t think is associated with a season change, you may have a leak. Please call us at (916) 791-2663 if you need assistance in checking for or locating a leak.

How do I read my meter?
Reading your meter can be a great way to check for water leaks, but be careful! Spiders and snakes love meter boxes, so be sure to exercise caution and wear gloves. 

Read your meter from left to right, taking note of how your meter measures water use. Water meters are read in units of 100 cubic feet (CCF). 1 unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons. 

Record the number and check your meter again in 30 days. Subtract the first reading from the second to determine your water consumption for the past month. Multiply the recorded number by 748. This will tell you how many gallons you’ve used.

When is my meter read?
Meters are read every other month about every 60 days. Weekends and holidays may result in a 57-day to 63-day service period.

How do I know if I have a leak on my property?
To check for a leak, turn off all water-using devices inside and outside your home. Lift the small metal lid on top of your meter box. There is a leak-detecting dial on the face of your meter with a pointer inside it. If the pointer is moving, even slightly, and you do not have any water running, you could have a leak. For help locating a water leak, call us at (916) 791‐2663. We’ll check your indoor and outdoor plumbing for potential leaks and provide suggestions for fixing them. Plus, we’ll tell you about other water-saving techniques. Visit our "find a leak page" here for more help.