Public hearing on
proposed increases
to retail water rates:
March 29

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  1. Public hearing on
    proposed increases
    to retail water rates:
    March 29

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  2. Calling students!
    Enter for your
    shot on the River
    Cats’ big screen.

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  3. San Juan ranks high
    in water quality
    through testing
    and treatment.

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  4. What days can we
    water now in a Stage 2
    conservation level?
    Any day.

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  5. Reporting water
    waste is easy.

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  6. Check out our
    calendar of upcoming
    events and meetings.

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  7. New booster pump
    station dedicated
    to Alfredo “Cerda”

  8. Give your sprinklers
    a rest when it rains.

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New General Manager

The San Juan Water District Board of Directors has selected Paul Helliker to be the District’s new General Manager. Mr. Helliker fills the vacancy created by the mid-December retirement of Shauna Lorance, who served in the position for 13 years.

Mr. Helliker is a California registered civil engineer who has spent his entire career in the environmental management field, and the last twenty-two years in water management specifically.

Transparency Hub

Our Transparency Hub is the central point for accounting, operations and governance information and data. It’s information where you want it, when you need it.

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Questions & Answers

Are you looking for more information on San Juan Water District? Our Questions & Answers page is the place to go for answers to all of your questions about the District’s operations, budgets, staffing, billing and more.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Saving Water

Reduce your water use with WaterSmart. This free tool monitors your home's water use and provides you with recommendations on new ways to save.

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