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Meter Replacement Project RFP

San Juan Water District in cooperation with Citrus Heights Water District and nine Water Agencies in the Sacramento Region have formed a Consortium with the purpose of retaining a consulting team (consultant and/or sub-consultants) to:

 1)      Develop a strategy for the replacement of the current generation of water meters for various participating water agencies as described in the RFP; and

2)      Study the feasibility/develop a strategy for long-term full or partial integration of meter replacement/testing programs for participating water agencies.

Additional information regarding this RFP can be found on Citrus Heights Water District’s website:

Please note that all interested Respondents must attend a Mandatory Proposers’ Meeting on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 10 AM PDT at the Citrus Heights Community Center, located at 6300 Fountain Square Drive Citrus Heights CA, 95621.