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San Juan Water District is working on several capital improvement projects to meet state and federal regulations, add system resiliency, and improve service.  These projects include a variety of infrastructure repairs and new construction projects which are described in our Capital Improvement Plan. These projects are typically funded by water rates paid by customers throughout our Wholesale and Retail service areas, property taxes and state and federal grants.

SJWD personnel are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost and maintain quality service, including with our CIP program.

Pipeline Replacements

San Juan regularly assesses the condition of its pipeline infrastructure and replaces lines when they become too expensive to repair.  New pipelines can also be installed as part of a development project.  Pipeline extensions for new development are funded for by the developer, not by existing customers. Current pipeline and services projects underway include:

Edward Court Pipeline Replacement

Lou Place Pipeline Replacement

Redbud/Lupin/Meadowlark Services Replacements

Sandstone & Auberry to Hill Rd Pipeline Extension and Services

Douglas Blvd Pipeline Replacement Project

Dambacher Drive Service Replacements Project