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San Juan Board Removes Stage 2 Water Alert Restrictions

Because of improved water supply conditions, the San Juan Water District Board of Directors passed a resolution on March 8, 2017, declaring an end to drought conditions in the San Juan service area.

This action removes current water use restrictions returning the District to Stage 1. The San Juan Board also called on the Governor to end the statewide drought emergency and the State Water Resources Control Board to end its emergency regulations as drought emergency conditions no longer exist. With its action, the San Juan Board does not discount the State’s long-term efforts to “Make Conservation a Way of Life” and continues to encourage the efficient use of water supporting the State’s end-user requirements in promotion of water conservation.

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Update on State's Water Conservation Plan

Governor Brown issued an Executive Order declaring the statewide drought emergency over on April 7, a month after the San Juan Water District Board of Directors did so for the District. On March 8, Board President Ken Miller said, “Our customers did a fantastic job of reducing their water use when the drought threatened our supplies in 2014 and into 2015. With California in the midst of its wettest water year in 122 years, we are now returning to normal operations.” Standard prohibitions against wasteful use of water remain in force, including prohibitions on runoff from customer properties, requirements for auto-shutoff nozzles on hoses, and other practices.

Included in the Governor’s Executive Order was direction to state agencies, including the State Water Resources Control Board, to develop new, permanent water use standards for "Making Conservation a California Way of Life.” That process has been ongoing and is now the focus of legislative activity.

San Juan, along with over 100 public water agencies throughout California, as well as various business and local government organizations, is promoting legislation to update water shortage contingency planning and drought response, as well as mechanisms to improve long-term water use efficiency programs. The Brown Administration has just announced a revised proposal to give the State Water Board unfettered authority to establish conservation mandates to be met by water suppliers such as San Juan, and revise them every 5 years. San Juan is opposing the State’s plan, especially its intent to take away local control when it comes to water management decisions. While the water agency coalition provided the legislature with a comprehensive alternative to the State’s approach, the Governor is seeking to impose the State’s major water management policy changes through a process known as a “budget trailer bill” rather than through committee deliberations in the legislature.

For more information, visit the Regional Water Authority's website.

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