Customer Service: rebates

Upgrading your home or property to be more water efficient? If so, you may be eligible for a rebate!

To qualify for our rebates, customers must agree to a free indoor water audit or free landscape irrigation review by a certified staff member before any improvements are made.

Rebates are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis and are funded through grants from the State of California Department of Water Resources, South Placer Waste Water Authority and Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District. Interested customers should contact us at 916.791.2663 first before purchasing any equipment to make sure it qualifies for the rebate and rebate money is still available.

Irrigation Improvements

Download Rebate Form

Upgrading your irrigation system? If so, San Juan may pay 50% of your qualifying expenditure up to $500 for residential and $1,500 for non-residential improvements.*

Qualifying improvements may include upgrading to a smart controller, adding a rain sensor and replacing spray irrigation systems with drip irrigation.

See rebate form for eligibility, program guidelines, and a complete list of approved irrigation products.

* Reimbursement excludes labor fees.

Upgrading the water wasters in your backyard could qualify you for a rebate. Check out part one in our video series on water efficiency.

High Efficiency Washing Machine

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You may qualify for up to $100 cash back for purchasing and installing a high-efficiency washing machine.

Click here for a list of qualifying machines.

High-Efficiency Toilet

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Do you have older, two-gallon (or greater) per flush (GPF) toilets that were installed before 1994?

If so, we urge you to replace them with a high-efficiency toilet (1.28 GPF or less) and receive up to $125 for residential and $200 for non-residential customers.


Hot Water Demand System

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Purchase and install a district-approved demand hot water recirculation system and you may qualify for a $100 rebate.  Systems must be demand-actuated (not timer-actuated) which provide both water and an energy savings.