San Juan Water District is working on several large Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) to meet state and federal regulations.  The CIPs include a variety of infrastructure repairs and new construction projects which are all part of our Retail and Wholesale financial plans. Projects are funded by rates from customers throughout our Wholesale and Retail service areas, property taxes and state and federal grants. 

CIPs are divided into Wholesale and Retail divisions and project costs are designated to the appropriate division.  SJWD personnel are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost and maintain quality service, including with our CIP program.

Treatment Plant Projects

A majority of the existing treatment plant was built in 1979 and is now in need of several equipment and process replacements and upgrades.  These replacement and improvement projects are identified, planned, budgeted, designed and constructed by SJWD when necessary.  Many projects are done in-house using Engineering personnel to design, and Treatment personnel to install, thereby saving our customers on costs.

Pipeline Replacements

We are proactively upgrading and replacing pipelines as necessary and as planned and budgeted for.  All pipeline projects are identified by condition assessments and then are budgeted for repair or replacement as necessary.  New pipelines can also be installed as part of a development project.  Pipeline extensions for new development are funded for by the developer, not by existing customers.